Do You Value Your Freedom?

Think about this. If there were to be a gauge to measure your personal tolerance of medical tyranny, where would your belief system place you on that scale?

One end of the spectrum would offer NO CHOICES  in medical decisions, the middle ground would be for those who think a MODERATE level of medical tyranny is okay, and the far end would be for those who believe that there is NEVER justification for medical tyranny, based on principle.

First of all, let’s clarify – What is Medical Tyranny?

Medical tyranny is violating civil rights by legalizing discrimination against vulnerable individuals susceptible to harm from one size fits all medical procedures.  

Medical tyranny can be witnessed in sweeping vaccine policies that fail to respect biological diversity and our current limitations of scientific knowledge.

Reference Health Canada’s Parent Guide to Vaccination

Here is an example of the NO CHOICES end of our tyranny scale: 

The National Post, which declares itself to be Canada’s flagship publication of the Postmedia Network, recently published this article, in which a professor of health law at the University of Alberta, Ubaka Ogbogu, is quoted as saying that vaccine education is a pointless waste of resources, and that mandatory vaccinations, without religious or conscientious objections,  should be enforced via temporary guardianship awarded to a non-objecting family member or to child welfare authorities until the child can be vaccinated and returned home.  Professor Ogbogu is calling for one province in Canada to take the lead in this policy so that others will follow.

Settling for a MODERATE amount of medical tyranny doesn’t really work in reality. One is either okay with forced medical procedures (medical tyranny) or not.

Those who think that there is NEVER justification for medical tyranny, based on principle, would agree with this statement:

Whether one believes in vaccines or not, all of us should
agree that a core value of modern medicine
is the ​ethic of informed consent.

You may be thinking, “Didn’t we get rid of medical tyranny after World War II, with the Nuremberg Trials and the laws that followed which protect our rights and freedoms?  Isn’t that what our soldiers fought and died for?”  This is so, to a large degree in Canada.  Our rights as defined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms are based on those hard won principles: the right to freedom of conscience and religion, the legal right to security of the person, and the medical right to informed consent.  Vaccination cannot be mandated in Canada without changing the Canadian Constitution.

However, recent documents and testimonies about the vaccine industry show us that medical tyranny may not have been gone at all, and that it still exists today.  Shocking legal testimony made by the man known as the Godfather of Vaccines, Stanley Plotkin, reveals the disturbing truth that medical tyranny in the form of vaccine testing on orphans, Indigenous people, third world populations, and on mentally ill patients has been happening all along.   The astonishing fact that we don’t know the safety of liability-free vaccines was recently uncovered by the Informed Consent Action Network (ICAN) and the Children’s Health Defense.  The science has not been done and this has been revealed in legal documents by ICAN.  Please see their White Paper.

There is a world-wide effort to mandate vaccinations for not only children, but for adults as well. The powerful vaccine producing pharmaceutical corporations, projected to achieve an estimated $61 Billion in profits by 2020, have taken control of the mainstream media resulting in only pro-vaccination messaging.  Unethical journalism that even goes so far as to recommend that those who wish to have informed consent in their medical choices be bullied and shunned. The disparaging label of anti-vaxxer is given to any concerned parent with questions about vaccine safety.

Groups that advocate for vaccine education and freedom of choice are being censored on Facebook, Instagram, You Tube and other social media.  Books/videos on vaccine safety are being removed from sale by Amazon Prime.  This is the modern day version of book burning. Does that ring alarms bells for you? Many organizations that educate around vaccine choice and safety are in the process of migrating to other social media sites that do not restrict open and honest debate about health issues that affect us all.

Why do Health Minister Dix and Dr. Bonnie Henry, PHO want Vaccine Mandates in BC?

Is this well orchestrated and massive spread of misinformation what is behind the government of British Columbia’s plans to mandate vaccination records for school children this fall?  Fear mongering and dishonesty have become standard strategies in journalism in order to promote vaccine compliance, and this is the only message being presented to the citizens of British Columbia – there is no open, honest debate allowed.

Is this move to impose mandates around vaccination compliance based on hope, fear or knowledge of the actual science?    This is criminal, and new trials addressing crimes against humanity surely must not be far away.   Our politicians, health officials and those using coercion, rather than informed consent, to administer vaccines can no longer claim they did not know.

Growing efforts to take away the right of parents to voluntary and informed consent will result in a very dangerous situation that may result in more vaccine injury — injuries can and do happen, and in fact have resulted in over $4 Billion in payouts in the US, where unlike in Canada, there is a vaccine injury compensation program.

Vaccines were designed to protect us from epidemics of infectious disease.  The only epidemic we see in Canada, is one of chronic illness and autoimmune disease.  As sadly ironic as it is, evidence builds every day that adjuvants in vaccines are implicated in this unprecedented epidemic of illness.

The over-used, mindless mantra that artificial stimulation (vaccination) is “the safest, most effective and best way to protect our children and communities” is an opinion that is not supported by scientific evidence.   In fact, to use this mantra to infringe upon human rights in an attempt to counter vaccine hesitancy and increase vaccine sales, only contributes to the catastrophic failure we see in children’s health today in BC.

So, the question comes down to, “How much freedom would you like?” You can’t be a little bit free. These mandates are removing freedom of speech, informed consent, therapeutic choice. Once our hard won fundamental rights and freedoms are given away to for-profit industry, will we ever get them back? Today it is giving up medical choice for our children. Tomorrow it will be teachers, janitors, principals, care aides, then eventually parents. Tyranny has no brake. How many children and families must be sacrificed because of fear, manipulated and fraudulent science, and the pharmaceutical industry’s insatiable hunger for profits?

I fear that if we don’t recognize the danger of mandating anything around any of our medical choices, we are lost and so are future generations.  We would have to have our heads deep in the sand to not realize that medical tyranny is banging hard at the door.

Contact your BC MLA and say a loud and clear “NO” to British Columbia Vaccine Mandates

Please become a member of the non-profit vaccine choice and safety education group, Vaccine Choice Canada (VCC). Find out about letter writing campaigns, meetings with MLA’s that are planned, rallies, and more.  

Vaccine Choice Canada is our strongest voice in protecting our very rights as defined in our Charter of Rights and Freedoms: the right to freedom of conscience and religion, the legal right to security of the person, and the medical right to informed consent. 

Reserve your right to make your own informed and personal decisions about medical procedures, including vaccines.